Oakfield Junior School in Fetcham

Lots of compliment has been given to a junior school located in Fetcham. This comes after the school got awarded a good ranking from Ofsted. Oakfield primary school continued to set a positive record that matched that of the previous inspection conducted in December 2012.

Done on Tuesday, January 24, the inspection came a year following the inauguration of Debrah Willemse as the Bell Lane school head teacher. Debrah Willemse took over responsibility from Robert Hart – the former head teacher who led the school out of special measures back in 2010.

“The school is a positive influence from the fact that it’s one of the only two schools in the locality. What’s more, the teachers and staff are fit for the job, with the parents association being complimented for its tremendous support. The school looks and feels more like a group of friends, something that’s very admirable”

The report took note of some recent restructuring in the leadership team – an alteration that aimed to focus more on making improvement and upgrading the quality of teaching and learning in the school.

It’s a two form entry school (7-11 years and 3-6 years) that has a population of around 260 pupils, which excludes 16 in the Learning Difficulties Centre. The inspection took into account 72 parents responses derived from an online questionnaire and a further 19 responses gotten from teachers. Visits were made to each class not to mention meeting with the counsel of leaders and governors.

Inspector Lee Selby commented: “The school has an excellent cross-curricular approach to writing. School work is based on many different texts that are both interesting and challenging. And since they know what is required of them, pupils are making a good progress. Furthermore, the school’s interesting trips and extra-curricular clubs were commented for their spiritual, cultural and social development of the pupils.”

However, the inspector noted some areas that needed improvement. Teaching was not always that effective with pupils lacking a clear guidance on knowledge and skill improvement, something that makes them less engaged.

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