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Health advice for winter days


Along with the beauty, frost and snow winter brings a lot of unpleasant diseases. How to protect yourself from them, you need to know how to stay healthy. ENT Surrey gives you a few helpful tips.

1. Warm clothing. According to statistics, up to 30% of our body heat is lost due to lack of warmth and properly selected clothing. To avoid diseases, first of all, you need to wear a hat, it is especially necessary while the cold winds and frost. For reliable protection make sure that your warm clothes made of natural materials, creating the optimum heat transfer, because in a case of overheating sick very easily. For quality protection, it is important to keep in the warmth of wrists and neck. And for this, you need to wear gloves and scarves.

2. Hand hygiene. Everyone knows that the majority of viruses are transmitted through dirty hands, for example, by shaking hands. The most dangerous thing is that virus can pass to you without even tactile contact; you can just touch an object which was touched by an infected person. To protect yourself best you should wash your hands before eating and after the usage of public transport.

3. Stress reduces immunity. Prolonged stress, depression, constant negative emotions contribute to a decrease in immunity. It is important to strengthen the nervous system, to conduct an active and interesting life in order to maintain good spirit.

4. Proper nutrition. First of all the food during winter time should be rich in antioxidants. These products are fresh or frozen berries and vegetables, fruits and herbs. On a day to maintain the protective properties of the body you need to eat 7 different fruits and vegetables, and foods should be fresh.

5. Physical health. Strengthening body and exercising are also possible methods to significantly strengthen the immune system and minimize the possibility of disease. To do this you need regularly do exercises or have a walk in morning or in evening. You can also try hardening. Take care of yourself!