Police Panel


PC Tom Arthur and PCSO Marion Hawkins attended and presented the crime report for the past two months.  Over March and April there were 4 dwellings broken into (via rear windows and patio doors plus a patio door was smashed). Three thefts from motor vehicles included a sat nav, golf clubs and Gucci sunglasses being stolen.  A theft of a motor vehicle, via a sale through Gumtree occurred when the monies paid were all counterfeit twenty-pound notes.

A resident, via an email to the Chairman, complained about a big recovery vehicle owned by Langley Motors parks in Orchard Parade that takes up two parking spaces. Research by the Chairman had shown that this was not of particular concern to the shops adjacent, but PC Arthur who suggested that should there be more complaints a talk to the Company’s owner by his colleagues may resolve the issue.

Traffic management Officers reported 34 driving and parking offences in Bookham and Fetcham in the last three months. VAS Deployment was discussed. The correct type has finally been agreed with SCC Highways and two will be delivered shortly, making three altogether. The one set up on Hawks Hill registered an average speed of 34 mph, and 28 mph when moved to Lower Road. These locations will continue to be sites for the VAS, as will The Ridgeway. The plan to install a pedestrian crossing on Cobham Road close to the junction with School Lane will necessitate speed and traffic measuring by SCC Highways, so the VAS will not be deployed there. The equestrian crossing over the top of Young Street is being evaluated, although a recent speed survey found a mean of 55 mph, casting doubt on the feasibility of a traffic-light controlled crossing. Poor mini-roundabout discipline was discussed and continues to be monitored, but the Police view is that finding a solution is a Highways matter.