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Ways to Use The News to Find Job Leads


If you are a freelancer or are in between jobs and find that most of your time revolves around your job search, here are some suggestions to help step up your search. It is best that you are in tune with the available tools out there that may help enhance your job finding opportunities. It would be a shame to know that there are avenues out there left unturned that could actually enhance your job hunt. You have to keep in mind that not all job leads are advertised in black and white. The last thing you want to happen is to miss out on some golden chances.

Sometimes it takes a little ingenuity to find opportunity lurking in unlikely places. If you are not sure where to start, do not worry. Here is a compilation of some of the ways you can optimize your time online so that you never miss a job lead. Whether you have your own online business or are in between jobs, here are three tried and tested things you can do to get the dibs on hot and fresh job opportunities.

1) Check out Business sections of major news websites. This is a good way to keep tabs on the goings-on in the business world. Most of the time, when a company announces an expansion or an acquisition, it is the news websites that get the details first. Whether it is branching out to a new location, forming an alliance with another company or unveiling a new line of products or services, it is vital that you get the news first.

News like these may mean that the company will need new resources and most likely, human reinforcements soon. There is no better time to send a resume/CV or contact their offices to open possibilities employment with them. Your advantage here is not only do you get the news first; you also come to the interview equipped with valuable knowledge of their expansion. It is an asset for applicants to know about the company they are applying for. It shows a keen interest in the industry and a sharp nose for current events.

2) Follow the stock market and see which companies have increasing share prices. There are plenty of reliable sites online that gives you information and updates on the stock market. If you want to get the real time data, you may have to pay a small fee. You can also just wait 15 minutes and get updates for free. In any case, this is a good way to learn which companies are doing well in their respective businesses.

The general rule of thumb is companies that enjoy an increase in stock market prices and shares are indicators of a healthy business. These are the companies that you may want to tap for possible employment opportunities. In any case, it is good to know which companies are doing well in their industries whether they are hiring or not. Such information may be useful later on. Who knows, you may want to try out your hand in buying and selling stock yourself.

Monitor the Web for interesting new content

3) Set up Google Alerts for maximum opportunities for example java developers jobs. Google alerts is a great way to find jobs directed at your particular expertise. By registering to this service, you are given timely updates on which companies are in need of freelancers for certain projects or even those companies that are in the process of expanding and hiring. You will get them first and you will get them fast. That means that no more valuable time spent searching online and combing through different job boards and want ads. The jobs come to you.

These are some ways that you may use your time online to help you with your job search. It is important to be alert and stay on top of your game if you do not want your bank funds to dry up. Reading up on career coaching articles can also help during these times. Incorporate these ideas to your daily routine and soon, you may find yourself working for your dream company.